The Matches Sale Is an Oasis of Linen

Oh, you thought summer was…over? Not so fast, friend—the Matches sale would beg to differ. If the internet was a country, Matches would be its beach-y, sun-kissed haven, and right now, the retailer’s sale section is an oasis of linen. We’re talking clavicle-baring camp shirts, air-chilled short shorts, beach-ready espadrilles, hell, even linen sweaters to have you cruising through the transitional weather. As far as summer fabrics go, linen is a godsend—it’s cool to the touch and rumples and wrinkles with reckless abandon, a carefree fabric befitting a European vacation. (Or, at least, an outfit that warrants absconding to a locale far more idyllic than the office.) But what truly makes the Matches sale, uh, un-matched is that prices are chopped down to 70% off. Check out our favorite pieces below or head straight over to Matches top shop the full selection to your heart’s content.

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