The Best Baseball Caps for Men Are a Hit On and Off the Diamond

All of which is to say, the best baseball caps for men can change by the day—even the hour—depending on your needs. (And some just look better than the rest.) So to help you cover your head in exquisite fashion, we took the liberty of culling 21 of our favorites, from perennial best-sellers you’ll recognize from the major leagues to buzzy newcomers you’ll recognize from fashion week—or, at least, your favorite episode of Succession.

What, you might also be thinking, makes this omission such a source of consternation? Aren’t baseball caps just as ubiquitous as white tees and blue jeans, and don’t they all do pretty much the same thing? Yes and no. Yes, there are more baseball hats than we care to count (which made curating a list of the best of them a delicate matter), but they’re by no means created equal.

Wait, you might be thinking to yourself. You mean to tell me that up until this point GQ had never aggregated the best baseball caps for men? Your incredulity is warranted, friend. In the years since GQ Recommends first blessed the web with our elite-level shopping intel and kind-minded vibe checks, we’ve covered the hat beat extensively, waxing eloquent on everything from winter-proof beanies to summer-ready buckets. But in our effort to criss-cross every corner of the headwear galaxy, the humble baseball cap, much like a behatted celebrity avoiding the paparazzi’s flash, has gone woefully unrecognized.

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In 2023, baseball caps come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and fits—and they’re no longer the sole preserve of the diamond. There are plenty of cotton twill caps ideal for indulging in America’s pastime (we’re talking about brunch, of course)—but there are also ripstop nylon running caps designed to protect your head on the go. And that’s not even touching on the snapback versus fitted debate!

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