Menswear Is Still Riding the Succession High

Kith’s Ronnie Fieg, like Succession’s Logan Roy, understands the power of merger. On Thursday, the New York streetwear empire debuted its Fall 2023 campaign starring Brian Cox, who played the recently departed patriarch on the recently departed hit HBO series, making him the third Roy boy to snag a high-profile menswear partnership since the show ended forever back in May.

Cox has been making the fashion rounds since Logan’s early final-season departure, attending the Loewe show during men’s fashion week in Paris and dressing his heart out during his ​​post-Succession press tour. Now, he’s sporting embroidered polo sweatshirts, letterman jackets, and corduroy chore coats in the new Kith campaign. In an accompanying ad spot, Cox plays off his grumpy Logan Roy schtick: A motorcade of black Escalades rides down a tree-lined street to a looming Nicholas Britell-esque score, depositing Cox at a Hamptons abode that, as the punchline goes, belongs to Fieg. From there, Cox drops the sourpuss routine and proceeds to enjoy himself by watering hydrangeas and roasting marshmallows in Fieg’s Hamptons backyard. That is, until the designer calls the actor to chew him out for using his house, to which Cox responds with Logan’s signature “fuck off” and throws his cell in the pool. A true portrait of Kith’s the-universe-is-my-oyster brand of New York luxury.

Courtesy of Kith

Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin, who played two of Cox’s on-screen sons in Succession, have also parlayed their Roy personas into opulent brand partnerships with two of menswear’s leading purveyors of “stealth wealth.” Strong—whose Method commitment to Kendall Roy’s fashion sense had him wearing custom Prada and a Frank Ocean-designed diamond necklace at the Met Gala earlier this year—has become close with the Italian luxury brand Loro Piana, which Kendall frequently wore in the series. (Loro Piana, like the Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille, even made custom pieces for Kendall to wear in the final season.) “For Kendall, Loro Piana represented a supreme, rarefied level of luxury and comfort and the sort of if-you-know-you-know thing, and that’s part of the story we were telling with the character,” the actor told GQ at a dinner for the brand this summer. “For me, I just love that quality of obsessiveness and relentlessness and the unending search for an elusive perfection.”


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