Everything to Buy From J.Crew’s Terrific Fall Drop

The heat, the humidity, the onslaught of mosquitos—we’re done with summer. So if the promise of fall wasn’t tantalizing enough, there’s even more reason to get excited: the latest J.Crew collection just dropped. (What, did you expect crunchy leaves and apple picking?) By way of context, the Great Mall Brand Comeback really kicked off when Supreme alum and Noah founder Brendon Babenzien took control of J.Crew’s menswear in 2022, injecting his fresh take on prep into the 40-year-old brand. Since then, J.Crew has pumped out viral pieces like the Giant-fit chino, reclaimed its place in modern suiting, and introduced a new cast of stylish characters into its expansive universe.

A year later, Brendon Babenzien’s J.Crew is still unstoppable. He’s reaching back into the archives and pulling out the best parts of J.Crew’s past while adding enough of his own touch to distinguish it from the brand’s beloved catalog era. Pieces like the Giant-fit Oxford shirt and a new range of Kenmare tailoring are practically ripped from the shelves of a mid-century haberdasher (or the closets of the stylish fellas who frequented them), while buttery suede roper boots, cargo pants, and soft leather bomber jackets lean into J.Crew’s workwear and utilitarian influences. It might be the most dialed-in collection since Babenzien took over. Hell, the $750 leather jacket is already on backorder. If that doesn’t make you want to lock yourself in your apartment until you can wear it all, we don’t know what will.

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