David Beckham’s Summer Wardrobe Looks Straight Outta ‘White Lotus’

David Beckham is having a decent summer. Inter Miami, the side he’s thrown his retirement money at, just won the Leagues Cup behind Leo Messi’s brilliance. His sons are copying his buzzcuts. And he’s also going into full-on White Lotus mode: breezy fits, big yachts, diamond seas, and loads of sunshine.

Beckham was photographed this weekend, along with his wife and kids, arriving at the famous restaurant Lo Scoglio on the Amalfi Coast. Reaching the restaurant by speedboat, as one does, Beckham looked right at home. His crisp white shirt and matching mesh shorts—with a lightweight navy sweater slung over his shoulders—hit the ideal yacht-casual note for a late afternoon bowl of linguine allo scoglio and an astronomically priced bottle of wine.


Beckham’s summer look felt like it was taken directly from the jet set lifestyle history books—less Love Island, more Slim Aarons. The muted, nautical tones called to mind the similarly low-key holiday ensembles of guys like JFK, Dodi Fayed, Steve McQueen, Ernest Hemingway and Paul Newman. 


Becks is just the latest stylish star to take in the glistening shores of the Italian Riviera this summer. Thanks to White Lotus a post-COVID travel surge, Italy has experienced an 86 per cent increase in visitors since 2022—including the yacht-lolling likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z, and Harry Styles. Each of those fellas employed similar neutral-happy vacation uniforms during their trips, but Beckham—in his nearly-unbuttoned shirt and thigh-baring trunks—gets our vote for pulling the look off best. 

This story originally ran on British GQ with the title “David Beckham hits White Lotus mode”


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